January 17, 2017

 By Michael Gray,

former Head of Global Games Acquisition, Advanced Technology & Innovation,

Hasbro Inc.


Date: ________ Game Designer: ____________________


Game Name:


Ages and Number of Players:


Game Object: Three lines about how game “works,” including ultimate object.


Game Contents: List ALL components and indicate if it’s a deck of cards or a sheet of cards to be punched out; a free-standing game board or a game board to be punched out, a bag of tokens or a sheet of tokens to be punched out, etc…


Game Assembly: How do you assemble the game for the first time?

• Is consumer assembly required? If yes, what?

• Are DRAWINGS required? If yes, of what parts?

• Are there consumer-applied labels? If yes, how many? For where?

• BATTERIES? If yes, size, number and where do they go? Back? Bottom?


Game Setup: How do you set up the game for each playing?


Game Play:

• Does youngest player go first? If not, how is this determined?

• Does play pass to the left? If not, what is turn order?

• Define terms (if necessary)

• Turn Sequence: On a player’s turn, what is the sequence of actions?

  • 1.

  • 2.

  • 3.

  • Etc…

• Special conditions: Example: What if you land on another player?

• Board Spaces: What happens on special spaces?

• Special Cards: What do they do?



• How is the winner determined? Do you have to win by exact count?

• What if there’s a tie?


Gameplay Variations:

• For a harder game

• For 2 players (or any number other than 4)


Troubleshooting and/or strategy tips


Re-storage Considerations: if any


Lost parts: Can replacement parts be purchased? Provide address or website