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KID Group

Nominated for Ultra Dash


Kid Group, based in San Francisco, has created over 3000 rejected ideas since 1990. Somehow 300 or so have been licensed, hence their company slogan "we're only 90% wrong!" Dan Klitsner, Brian Clemens and Gary Levenberg apply Industrial Design, an obsession for playing games, and electronic trickery to bring to life ideas such as Bop It, Ultra Dash, Simon Air, Simon Optix, Hyper Toss, Perplexus and their new app HipSync. KID pioneered physical interaction with digital play, inventing PC Playsets in 1997 which sat on the keyboard to connect to PC Games, because these guys are so old that the USB hadn't been invented yet.


Ron Hayes, Product Designer at PlayMonster

Products from the last year:

Ultra Dash by PlayMonster, Simon Optix by Hasbro, Bop It Maker by Hasbro, Perplexus Giant by Spin Master, Hyper Toss by Moose Toys, HipSync by HipSync

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