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Nominated for Hatchimals


Hatchimals, heralded as the first toy phenomenon in the age of social media and the “hottest toy of the holiday season”, was first introduced by leading global children’s entertainment company Spin Master in September 2016. The Hatchimals Who Will YOU Hatch™? campaign launched like an embargoed theatrical release in over 50 countries with three phases that aligned with the coveted holiday shopping season.Cross functional teams worked together to successfully promote Hatchimals. The results of the Who Will YOU Hatch™? campaign exceeded company goals but more importantly delighted kids globally makingHatchimals the top toy of 2016.


Nancy Zwiers – CMO

James Martin – SVP Marketing & Robotics GBU Lead

Tara Tucker – VP, Global Marketing

Sandra Shatilla – Director of Marketing, Robotics GBU

Kate Frostad – Senior Brand Manager

Cassandra Nardin – Associate Brand Manager

Maci Levy – Marketing Coordinator

Tamara Horowitz - VP & Executive Producer Creative Content

Stacy Lewis – Senior Creative Director

Mike Arnott - Creative Director

Philip Gunther – Associate Creative Director

Loralee Butler – Senior Art Director

Leigh Hannah – Senior Media Manager

Ryan Rebello - Director, Digital Media Strategy

Maria Aguilar, Influencer Marketing Manager

Jayme Derkson, Influencer Marketing and Social Media Manager

Jodi McDonald, Senior Manager of Global Communications

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