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Chris Denson - Innovator, Marketer, Recovering Comedian, Innovation Crush Podcast Host

Chris Denson is an award-winning innovator, marketer, recovering comedian, host of the Innovation Crush podcast and we are excited to welcome him as one of our Inventor and Innovation Conference Keynotes this year! His INNOVATION CRUSH INTERVIEWS are fascinating. We asked Chris to tell us a bit about himself, and, wow, he is 'crushin' the innovation world! Can't wait to hear what he has to say!

Up until summer 2018, I ran the award-winning innovation practice for Omnicom Media Group, the largest media agency in the world, working with clients ranging from Apple to Pepsi, State Farm, Stand Up to Cancer, CBS, Disney, Wells Fargo, and many more. In this capacity, my role was a hybrid of ideation, education, process development, dot-connector, trend reporting, and team management of a group of a dynamic polymaths. We also worked very closely with Silicon Valley (and other tech-culture hubs around the world) to create showcases, meet-n-greets, conferences, and more. This included the likes of Techstars, Upfront Ventures, Y-Combinator, Andreessen-Horowitz, and others.

As an industry influencer, I host an interview series on innovation that has close to 750,000 subscribers and partnered with numerous organizations ranging from Delta to SXSW to the White House (2016). I also wrote a #1bestselling book on the topic of innovation that was published last year and allowed me to tour everywhere from Montreal to Cannes, Indianapolis, New Zealand and many places in between. I've spent my time since OMD exploring a hybrid existence as both a storyteller and practitioner in and around the innovation space; and have traveled to London several times, working with groups like Ascential, The Ned, and Advertising Week UK, UK FinTech Week.

Lastly, I'll drop in a few additional highlights from the past year or so to give a you a sense the places and spaces I get to help others unlock their innovation potential:

  • Mentor - Google Launchpad

  • Advisory Board - SXSW Accelerator, HubSpot, PlutoTV, C2 Montreal

  • Creator/Producer/Host - GovCity (2.5 day think tank for government innovators)

  • Creator/Facilitator - YouTube Creator's Summit; Brainstorm Session(s)

  • Influencer - Samsung, lululemon,

  • Council of Excellence - White House

  • Host/Emcee - UK FinTech Summit

  • Television Host - Cannes Lions TV

  • Judge - CES Innovation Awards

  • Innovator-in-Residence - Annapurna Pictures

  • Jury Member - Interactive Emmy's

  • Speaker - Numerous events around the world

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