Nick and Greg - Let’s Play Games Rules for Playtesting

Whether you are a big game publisher or a lone inventor developing a game in your spare time, at some point, you will have to take your idea, your baby, and introduce it to the world of gaming. You want validation, clarity, feedback, and, most importantly, criticism to create the best version of your game. You will need objective feedback, which means letting strangers play your game. Data is the key; the input needs to be quantifiable. This process can be scary as no game developer wants to hear negative feedback about their game. Still, without an outside perspective, you run the risk of being blind to all the weak points in your game; this is where objective, data-driven playtest feedback becomes invaluable.

Over the past two years, Let's Play Games has built a community of over 2,700 board gamers in Chicago - and venue partnerships with some of the best bars, restaurants, and cafes in the city. Recently, LPG has leveraged our audience and our connections to perform market tests for several game publishers to significant effect. We use a multi-moderator, data-driven methodology to provide our clients with the best playtest feedback available. Our process is intensive, but here are some of our basic rules for publishers get the most out of playtesting their games.