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Dylan Collins - How Generation C will reshape the toy industry

How Generation C will reshape the toy industry

Although relatively short in duration, Covid-19’s impact will define a generation of kids.

For the age band most impacted (6-16), the pandemic and its effects will define their generation, jolting them into a new way of thinking, acting, playing and socializing. Some of these behaviors are an acceleration of trends which were already in motion but others are completely new. Welcome to Generation C.

All disasters tend to make that generation of kids grow up faster. However, other changes are more subtle and every brand should pay attention to what’s happening: Generation C has influence and feels empowered. Like Covid-19 itself, we are just beginning to understand their impact.

Generation C are defined by a diverse range of traits and behaviors:

  • Hygiene: an awareness of germs and virus management will permeate every aspect of their lives

  • Family-oriented: forced into a close proximity scenario with family, this time will become a common life-long memory for all of Generation C

  • Ecommerce (and delivery) by default: the cohort whose first shopping experiences are ecommerce by necessity

  • Responsibility: more involvement with household chores, trusted by parents, cemented by the reality of Covid-19

  • Metaversification: increasingly comfortable socializing within game environments

Five predictions for Generation C

1. Families will plan for a second lockdown event

The likelihood of a second wave of infections appears to be quite high in most countries, beginning in November. We feel that parents and families will be well-prepared for this period and will begin planning over the summer. This almost certainly points to an incredibly digitally-driven holiday season.

2. “Normally-scheduled” school will be hard for kids

While the overwhelming majority of kids actively miss school, and are looking forward to returning, a return to normal timetables and activities won’t be straightforward. Self-directed learning will be impacted by children’s ability and attitudes, as well as the tools available to them. Education is likely to be an area of accelerated change, both in the classroom and at home.

3. Kids become more of a factor in online grocery shopping.

Kids will have an increased role in both meal choice and shopping, meaning that they must be considered when planning advertising investment.

This lockdown increase in cooking and helping with meal preparation will continue, meaning that kids influence will remain high. Cooking becomes a huge new kids content creator scene

4. Parents will spend more time at home

At the moment, many parents are working from home as a response to lockdown protocols. In the future, when these restrictions are lifted, they will have a choice to make. It’s likely that many parents will make the choice to remain working from home, as this period has afforded them more time to spend with their children.

5. A national conversation about kids’ sleep is triggered

Data clearly shows that many kids, particularly in older age brackets, are sleeping later and working later during this time. It’s been recognized for years that kids and teens need more sleep, and that sleep cycles often change during this time. Schools will begin to recognize that.

Dylan Collins is the CEO of SuperAwesome, the leading kids digital engagement platform used by hundreds of companies to safely reach half a billion children every month. SuperAwesome recently released the acclaimed Meet Generation C report, available to download here.

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