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Company of the Week: PlayMonster, Big on Fun!

In 2016, PlayMonster went through a major rebrand that would launch the company to new heights. Over the next 4 years, the company expanded their brands and made some engaging games and toys like Relative Insanity, My Fairy Garden and Yeti in My Spaghetti. They even acquired successful companies like SET games, Interplay and Kahootz Toys. Clearly, PlayMonster has always had a wonderful culture of growth.

So, it was no surprise when PlayMonster released its newest opportunity to grow! In July 2020, the company blasted itself into the world of building toys and action play with the stellar Snap Ships!

Brand Manager Sakita Withers said, “Snap Ships is PlayMonster’s entry into the action-construction space at a large scale. This is the biggest launch in the company’s history.”

As the largest release for PlayMonster, Snap Ships continues the tradition of strong growth. The galactic toys bring a lot of new to the company. For the first time ever, PlayMonster has a multimedia-connected brand.

“We set out to change the building play experience,” said Tim Kilpin, PlayMonster’s newly appointed President. “Snap Ships is so much more than a great toy line; it is a content-driven franchise that allows kids to not only build, but also play, battle, customize, watch content, engage with the app and then do it all over again.”

PlayMonster collaborated with inventors, Scott Pease and Jeff Swenty, to develop Snap Ships. The two worked as AAA game developers for famous series like Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk. PlayMonster also joined forces with award-winning studio Wind Sun Sky, the makers of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and The Angry Birds Movie, to tell the epic story of the Snap Ships universe.

Just like the company itself, the Snap Ships world will continue to grow! New ship builds are being added to the app every day, and each new YouTube episode dives deeper into the story.

“The future growth of Snap Ships is huge!” Withers said. “We’re seeing super fans who are buying the entire line, building, and creating their own universes. We have great engagement across all touch points where we interact with the consumer– the interactive AR app, social, YouTube. We even have excellent retailer support. This is a true franchise in the making!”

This new brand is truly an excellent example of PlayMonster’s continued ability to grow and branch into new areas. With a history of releasing popular games and building big brands, PlayMonster has a true culture of growth!

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