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Claire Haasl: Finding Joy During a Pandemic - tBR Person of the Week

Holy plot twist, Batman!

We are living through quite the experience, am I right? We have had to adapt time and time again during the last 6 months, and that has been overwhelming for many of us. For me, the past 6 months have reminded me of the year before 6th grade when I decided to go to basketball camp. If you have ever gone to basketball camp as a novice, you might relate to that feeling of constantly being thrown balls that you need to catch and then wield down the court, the bouncing back and forth. The pivoting! Man, have I had to pivot these last few months!

We all have. So many things look different. Even the way we play, and play together.

My organization, the David L. Hoyt Education Foundation, is focused on helping people learn through play. Our mission is to support and encourage play-based, joyful learning. We’ve done some pretty cool stuff in the 5 years we have been in business. I could tell you about the time we took giant games to a school in rural Tanzania, or the day we set a Guinness World Record with Giant Word Winder at the Chicago Public Library, or how we’ve painted two giant word searches we installed out in the public for Chicagoans to enjoy. But I’m really excited about what’s next.

Pass me the ball! I’m open!

So what am I so excited about? This fall we want to hear from YOU! We are kicking off the school year with a video project called Finding Joy During a Pandemic that we will be releasing in November. We hope to receive videos from all over the world and from people of all ages!

We know that things are crazy and hectic and a lot of challenges are still out there waiting to be met and overcome, but we know there have been moments of joy for you in the last 6 months. Even if those moments were fleeting, we want to hear about them! We also want to know how you have had to alter your play during this time. We think it’s important to recognize and highlight these positive parts of our lives with so much uncertainty around every corner. Will you help us out?

Our request is for you to send us a 3 minute (max) video answering the following play and joy related questions. You can be any age. If you don’t want to make your video alone, grab a friend or family member and make one together. There is no right, or wrong way to help us!

(Well, that’s not 100% true. Please keep your videos under 3 minutes.)

1. Who are you, where do you live, and what do you do professionally?

2. Coronavirus has changed our everyday life. What have you been doing to continue learning while physical-distancing?

3. What are you doing daily to spark joy and happiness in your life?

4. How have you had to alter your play during this time?

5. What is something new you have discovered that you enjoy about this new way of life?

The deadline is September 25th, BUT you can send it NOW and then you won’t even have to think about the deadline!

If you share this project, please use our hashtag, #joyfullearning

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