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Hape … Love Play Learn: tBR Company of the Week

This year marks the 35th anniversary of Hape (pronounced “hah pay”) toys! That’s 35 years of making well-crafted toys with sustainability, education, innovation and most importantly, fun, in mind. And it sure has been fun!

For 35 years, we’ve proudly grown to be one of the largest producers of toys made from sustainable materials, producing the highest standard of developmental green toys for children from zero to six years old. Just as we create products to grow with children, we’ve been lucky enough to grow along with them with more than 30 Hape companies globally and thousands of employees. We could not be “Hape-er” to celebrate this momentous occasion in 2021! See what we did there?

It comes as no surprise that last year brought on change of epic proportions to the toy industry. As a longstanding company, we’ve certainly had to adjust to the new ways we’ve communicated and developed business models to capitalize on opportunities creating sustainable product and achieving sustainable growth. That meant an internal revamp to provide even better products, more customer focus, better service and a better supply to all of Hape’s customers. This also included listening to consumer and customer feedback and insights – highlighting a core philosophy that we truly learn through play – while continuing to focus on sustainability every step of the way. We, of course, could never achieve this without the trust and collaboration of our employees to help create a global corporate culture with a particular understanding and respect for the world in which we all live. Together, we will continue to strive to make the toy industry a more meaningful place for parents and their children.

(Founder and CEO Peter Handstein)

According to our Founder and CEO, Peter Handstein, “Children do not play to learn, children learn because they play.” Although this statement is not a new one (it’s been the foundation of our company since day one), we’ve taken its meaning to new heights in 2021.

Neither culture, nor language, nor gender inhibits the intuitive process of play. But behind the innovative designs and meticulous quality of each toy we create is an even stronger ethos of Hape – not just encourage a child’s intrinsic motivation to learn, but nurture it through the power of play.

This year’s new products join the expansive catalog of product developed through a collaboration of global thinking and responsible ecology. With a ton of total offerings in a wide variety of categories – from bath and music toys to STEM products, puzzles and railway systems, pretend kitchens and dollhouse fun to outdoor items, games and so much more. Hape has kids covered, ready and excited to learn and play.

Our best example of uniting our core values with consumer insights is our musical toy category. Hape continues to be a leader in the infant through preschool music category with toys for children to experience melodies in fun new ways. This extensive line enriches young minds and brings joy to their faces (and their parents) while they’re learning, and they don’t even know it! Whether it’s with our new innovative “Learn with Lights” music or our classic music range we have an offering that includes: drum sets, xylophones, guitars, pianos, ukuleles and the NEW DJ Mix and Spin Studio (what kid doesn’t want to spin their own music?). Hape gives budding musicians lots of instruments for family music time. And, now more than ever, we can all use a little more music.

In celebration of the big milestone this year, we’ve pushed the envelope to bring in new categories to our portfolio. We’re excited to announce and share our first-ever advent calendar line with the world this fall, featuring the Grand Station Advent Calendar. This new product not only celebrates the whimsy of the holiday spirit, but the beautiful traditions of going home for the holiday, counting down each day until Christmas day and sparking nostalgia and joy. The new advent calendar can be added to any of Hape’s rail play systems and is also compatible with most major train systems. It’s perfect for the little train enthusiasts of all ages.

As we celebrate our classic and our new toys this year, Hape continues to evolve with the toy industry and world, working to develop new and improved sustainable approaches to our brand and collection of toys that inspire loving to learn through play.

So, let’s strike up the (Hape) band and let the party begin!


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