HOG WILD TOYS, 25 years of Wacky FUN! tBR Company of the Week

The journey from self-proclaimed funky, fun and functional company to playing in the “toy major leagues” has been an imaginative and irreverent trip for Hog Wild Toys.

25 years after opening its doors, the Oregon-based company is now on the way to expanding its footprint in the toy business. They’ve recently made impressive inroads in both the games and outdoor toys aisles, been recognized in the industry awards arena with both TAGIE and TOTY nominations, and made their mark as a go-to brand in the world of blaster toys with its ever-‘pop’ular Atomic Power Popper line.

That’s not to say that they’ve left their legacy of “irreverent” roots, where they proudly and loudly boast about embracing the absurd and rejecting t