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Nancy Lombardi: Toy Industry Freelance Copywriter: tBR Person of the Week

Content Is King. It’s one of those corporate catchphrases that we all mindlessly repeat.

Let’s switch it up: Content Is Queen. That has a nice ring to it!

If your company needs NEW, you need me as your freelance copywriter. Think of me as your creative sidekick.

Here’s 5 reasons why you’ll benefit when we work together:

• You need NEW. Content. Context. Ideas. Terms. Perspective. Method. A fresh set of eyes can jumpstart any process.

• Quick, efficient work with great rates and top-quality results.

• Toy industry experience. I’m well versed in all the toyetic jargon. I know about endcaps, clip strips, key drivers, line extensions, knock-offs, preschool properties, the boys’ aisle, master toy partners, QSRs and their premiums, day-and-date movie releases (hmm, is that still a thing?). I’m happy to sign an NDA.

• Long-term, go-to help. Feel free to pop up in my in-box whenever you need a copywriter. I respond immediately. I’ll never ghost you, it’s obnoxious behavior.

• I’m free of company politics. Yikes! We know how this one halts projects. I’m not an employee so feel free to blame me, the freelancer. Everyone does it! C’mon, I give you permission. We can make it so your boss looks like the hero.

I’ve been a freelance copywriter since 2016. In that time, I’ve collaborated with The Toy Association, Moss Tucker Group, aNb Media, Asweets Toy Company, PlayMonster, and Skoog to name a few.

Outside of the toy industry, I’ve worked with Dallas Market Center’s Source Magazine,, IgnitionOne, Quantcast, and Vivial.

Prior to freelancing, I was the founding editor of aNb Media’s trade magazines, Toys & Family Entertainment and Royaltie$. Many moons ago, I was the editor of The Toy Book. I was recently on the copywriting/proofing team at Rubie’s Costume Company.

I’m sure we’ve crossed paths at a PR desk-side, Toy Building showroom, Javits booth, or in Vegas. . . but I never did go to Eyecandy. In my 20-plus years in the toy industry I’ve encountered a lot of products, a lot of companies, and a lot of personalities. But I’m easy to work with. . . definitely not a queen! Remember, I’m the creative sidekick.

This is an amazing time to be in the toy industry. It’s incredible to see that U.S. toy industry dollar sales increased by 19.1% in the first three quarters of 2020, according to NPD Group. I know the holiday season was a great one for many toy companies. This proves that kids and families want and need toys.

Here’s another catchphrase we need to switch up: You’re Muted!

2020 showed us that the toy industry is no longer muted. There’s been an unprecedented return to play, which we need to quickly capitalize on. And, as more aspects of life continue to shift online, I can provide great, attention-grabbing copy that shines a light on your company, its mission, and its products.

Make 2021 the year your company is no longer muted. I’m the voice that can accomplish that for you. Let’s get started today. Visit: Email: LinkedIn:


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