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The Alan Roach Roachy Fund Scholarship Update and 2021 Applications Due Now!

Most of you saw the TAGIE Awards last November and remember the Hassenfeld Family Initiatives Humanitarian Award being given to The Roachy Fund, which was established in memory of Alan Roach, a colleagued loved by many. These colleagues set up the Roachy Fund Scholarship and gave a touching tribute to Alan Roach in the TAGIE Awards.

Watch the TAGIE Awards HERE!

Read more about Alan Roach HERE!

Read Joe Bradford's Tribute HERE!

We've heard back from last year's Roachy Fund scholarship recipients. Below are the updates they've sent us on their past year.


Thanks to the Roachy Fund, I’ve been able to begin my studies as a Computer Science and Interactive Media double major at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Closing in on the end of my freshman year, I have had the privilege to pursue my passion in game development with classes taught by professors and former game developers well-acquainted with the industry! I have also been lucky enough to collaborate with other students on a few 48-hour game jams, where we develop a game from scratch in that time period. (Included here is a screenshot from our most recent project, a multiplayer arcade game where players compete to collect cash as bounty hunters.) My experiences from this year have been invaluable, and I am very appreciative to the Roachy Fund for making them possible!


Covid's certainly changed my freshman year at Quinnipiac, but our school's luckily been able to stay open with a hybrid system in place. College is certainly different this year, and the pandemic has made quite a few aspects more difficult, but I've still been given some great opportunities! I was in a very successful, fully virtual show during my fall semester, and this semester, I will be in an in-person production of Macbeth that will be live-streamed for our audience. My game design classes have also been going very well! Though some of those updates are a little less exciting to hear about, I've been really enjoying my classes and have learned a lot this year. I'm excited to continue my studies and hopefully be back to a semi-normal college experience next year. Again, I can't thank you enough for the scholarship, as it's helped me endlessly over this past year.

This year's application. Deadline is April 15, 2021

The application is here:


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